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Adoption Day 2021

Today is Adoption Day, the day we celebrate the official date we became a family. It’s a day Nicholas gets toys, learns about Adoption, and a day of fun. It’s the anniversary of us standing before the Judge, and him making it all official.

He was such a nice man, and he knew what we did, that it was an official ceremony for something that had already happened. We were blessed to be there the day he was born, to spend the days in the hospital with him, and to bring him home via Arizona to Texas to Nashville.

It was an adventure that we will never forget, and one that we are thankful for everyday. We were a family though, before the ceremony, and before his birth. We were a family before the phone call, and before the trip there.

God had given us a very special gift, we we’re going to be Nicholas’ parents. For me, I had always dreamed of being a Dad. For my Wife, her journey began with health complications at eleven years old. She will tell you now, every pain was worth the process, because otherwise we would not have been positioned for our Nicholas.

To Pastor Denny Livingston, the man who said, “Lord let him be a Pruitt from the moment he was born.”, before anyone even knew it was a boy, was the same man who had prophesied we would be given a child, even when the doctor’s report said no. We’ll never forget the text that changed our lives the night before what could have been a very dark time the next day.

To the people, Angels really, that God used to make our journey possible, thank you is never enough. You are His hands and feet, and you placed our son in our arms. Every time we hear Mommy and Daddy, is because you said yes to your Heavenly Father’s voice. Thank you for making every day as a parent possible.

To all those who cried with us in sorrow, and rejoiced with us in overwhelming joy, thank you! We are a family because of this beautiful word Adoption. I learned something about it today that leads me back to when we become a family.

In the Greek it’s a compound word, one means son or child, the other essentially means place, but it also means a whole lot more. It means conceive, and it means to ordain. God conceived a plan when we were unable to, He ordained a very special future for us that only He could.

The Lord made us a family whenever we did not understand the journey. We would not change one moment of our story, for it’s the story of our family. We are proud Adoption parents, and so grateful for the gift of God named Nicholas!

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