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Skipping Writing

You may have noticed that, while I wrote yesterday, I didn’t write a writing post. It was Adoption Day, when we celebrate our son Nicholas, so I missed the writing post. I mention this because of this question. What do you do when you’ve missed a day writing?

The answer is a two part answer, the first part being easy, you write today. The second part is don’t worry about the day you missed, it’s going to happen. The good news is that, if you continue writing, no one will ever know.

When people read your book, they won’t say he missed a day, they’ll enjoy the story. I would suggest you do the same, enjoy the journey. There have been important days where I didn’t write anything, and there have just been missed days, and that’s okay as long as it doesn’t become a pattern.

The only way a skipped day can hurt you, is when a day turns into a week and so on. Writing daily will not only build writing muscles, it’s locks in a routine. Habit is a tremendous tool for a writer. Let’s talk more about writing habits in the days ahead that will help reduce skipping writing.

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