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He Sees And We See

It’s the same verse in Psalms 11:7, they both start out the same. Each says The Lord is righteous, and that He loves righteousness or righteous deeds. The interesting thing is how the two translations interpret the Hebrew for the last section.

One says the upright shall behold His face, and the other says His countenance beholds the upright. With Hebrew, I know enough to know both are accurate linguistically, but also that they agree Theologically. He saw us before we ever saw Him. Because He pursued us, we can behold Him.

It’s what this season is really all about. Thanksgiving was about a people coming to a new world to worship freely. Spiritually they recognized that when we come to Jesus, we enter a new world, and we worship in His presence. We get to see what only He could reveal, and that is Himself, and one day soon we shall see Him face to face.

The word face in this verse, not only means His face, it also means a number of other things. One meaning in particular is the word battle. As a Christian this excites me, because that means that we have a very present help in time of trouble. We serve a God Who is not only looking on from a throne, but Who is leading the charge.

In Acts 2:25 Simon Peter quoting David said it this way, I saw The Lord alway before my face. The Warrior King knew His God as The Lord Of Hosts. The One Who doesn’t merely send you into battle, but fights the battle. When we are in His presence, we cannot help but be victorious, as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus.

It’s interesting that it’s David and Simon who mention this. They both knew the order of events. David knew before he slew a giant, God had chosen Him. Before David wondered at God, He had a plan for David’s life. Simon followed Jesus from the shore of Galilee to the cross, once Jesus had chosen Simon.

The key to it all is because He chose to save us, we can choose to seek Him. Had The Lord Jesus not pursued us from Heaven to Earth, we’d have no hope of lifting our eyes to see Him, much less pondering Heaven. Because He did, we have a Heavenly destiny that only a God Who smiled on us first, could make a reality.

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