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Writing Adjustments

A number of people had a goal November 1st, to start writing a book, or at least to write every day. For some they’ve accomplished this, for some of us, life has caused interruptions. That’s not a problem, it’s a reality, but it’s also true that you do not have to allow it to stop you. You would just need to make some writing adjustments.

Generally you probably know I recommend writing 500 words a day, and it’s a great practice, but there are going to be days that it doesn’t happen. There are ways to deal with this, or work arounds that can help you keep writing. Writing regularly is about consistency, pattern, and routine, however there are times when pattern and routine may need to be adjusted.

If you do not have time to write 500 words a day, due to a busy season of life, there are other methods that can prove helpful. While some may take a little longer, it will keep you consistently writing, and help you to produce your first book. The most efficient method for most people may be 500 words a day, but not everyone falls into that category.

One alternate method is assigning a specific day to do some writing in each week. This does not mean a whole day of writing, but one day where you get a certain amount written each week. I would recommend it to be at least 500 words, but more like 1,000 if possible. Again this is not the fastest method, but an alternate one that may fit your schedule.

Writing some each week is favorable over no writing at all, and gives you something to build on. It will also keep your writing muscles active, and help to improve them over time. This will also allow you to build alternate routines for that one writing day, here is what I mean.

You can’t say to your calendar, this day every week is going to happen this way. You can say it, but you’d be crazy. What you can do is come up with some alternate routines, let’s call them A, B, and C. Routine A says when all things are equal, I will write at my best time of day for writing. For some this will be morning, for others evening, and for some night owls late night writing.

For Routine B I would suggest picking the second most favored time for you to write. You may write best in the morning, but if you find you write better at night than in the afternoon, make the night your Routine B. Routine C will be your least favorite writing time, but an option. When life gets crazy, this means that you have a plan with alternates to keep your writing going.

Another method is the research scenario. The first week of the month, make a list of the topics, sub topics, or subjects that you need to research in order to write your piece. Each week after, research one or two of those points, and make a small note or two on each. Doing this for a few months until you can return to regular writing will still advance your writing. You will have the necessary research, and the notes to use as building blocks going forward.

For today, let’s end with one more scenario, the video plan. Whether you use it as a post for your platform or not depends on you, and the topic, but a daily or weekly video is another tool. In this scenario there are different formats, but the one I would suggest is to speak on the subject that you desire to write on, and save the video.

Over time, in addition to continuing to make the videos, review them. I believe you will be surprised at the content that you have been “writing”. Some will have a problem with that term, and that’s okay, but the difference between a book and a television show is primarily the medium. Each is a form of content that was created, and fodder for multiple application, and adjustment.

Writing adjustments are necessary whether you’re a person who works second shift, the parent of a toddler, or a CEO handling a merger. It’s how you go about them that determines your level of success with your writing. It is possible to be very busy, and a very good writer, it just takes a few writing adjustments to stay on track.

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