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Sketch Recipe For Thanksgiving

The savory and the sweet have been bought in preparation for the big day. We will talk to family, see loved ones, and give Thanks for what God has granted us all. How have you prepared for the big day?

I guess I’m asking, what is your recipe for Thanksgiving? I don’t mean Aunt Martha’s secret for pumpkin pie, how do you celebrate? Beyond the food, how do you share with your children how to be Thankful?

As the parent of a toddler we want to teach Nicholas gratitude. Thankfulness towards God, kindness and appreciate to others, and an attitude of thank you. Having a grateful attitude helps produce a positive outlook on life.

There’s always going to be something to complain about, but those who are grateful stand out. While it’s not the reason for doing it, it’s amazing how a spirit of thank you will also be a blessing to your own life. David in Scripture was a man who practiced thanksgiving and generosity, and received both in turn.

People liked David, God saw in him a man after his own heart, and strangers were drawn to him from different lands. Individuals from Tyre to the Philistines both admired, and joined him. A grateful spirit is attractive, and will also be repaid many times over.

As you prepare your plans for Thanksgiving, I hope you reflect on the blessings of this year. It’s been an unusual couple of years, but I’m careful to prevent focusing so on the obstacles that they obscure the blessings. I see too many reasons to say thank you to concentrate on the negative. That’s my recipe for Thanksgiving.

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