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Sketch Charles Dickens And His Other Christmas Book

“My Dear Children, I am very anxious that you should know something about the History of Jesus Christ. For everybody ought to know about Him. No one ever lived who was so good, so kind, so gentle, and so sorry for all people who did wrong, or were in any way ill or miserable, as He was.”

Charles Dickens, we hear his words every year. I can even quote the first couple of lines, but did you know there was a different book the author read to his children every Christmas? It was from a book he wrote, but not A Christmas Carol, called The Life Of Our Lord.

Charles Dickens, around the time of writing David Copperfield, wrote a biography of the life of The Lord Jesus for his children. This was a very personal work, as he did not intend for it to be published.

The author wrote an entire book without the intention of making one penny from it. It shows how important his faith was to him, and how important it was to share his convictions with his children. As a Christian and a father I can appreciate this so much.

The Apostle John said that he had no greater joy than that his children walked in truth. Charles Dickens sought to convey his faith in the best way he could, as a writer. Some sixty years after it was written, it was published for the rest of the world, and I have a copy of it myself.

On this Christmas season, along with reading of the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge, I would encourage you to take a look at another title from the author. One that has an even greater story of hope, a book that transforms our past, present, and future in ways that only Christ can.

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