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Its A Book About Relationship

More than anything else, I believe the book of Revelation is about relationship. It is about the relationship between Christ and His Church, between Christ and the individual believer. This is not merely a corporate body, but an individual friendship, a family bond between people that love each other.

I believe this is the central them of the entire Bible, God loves us, and calls us to join Him in relationship. That’s also what the book The Vision From Patmos that I was blessed to write is about. The Vision From Patmos isn’t about prophecy, the focus isn’t on the events of tomorrow, but the events of each day with Jesus.

It’s a book that I’m very thankful to have been blessed to write. It’s a book that I’m very passionate about, and a book that I think will both encourage you, and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. It’s for that reason that I’m writing about it now.

I hope you’ll take a moment or two and explore how the visions of our Risen Savior in Revelation are focused on the relationship between God and His people. How every word spoken is a connection to this larger theme, even or especially when it seems He’s repeating Himself, He’s not merely repeating Himself.

I hope you’ll take a moment and look at The Vision From Patmos on our Amazon store. I truly believe it will be a blessing to you. Most of all I believe that it can give you information that will enhance your relationship with The Lord, I know that it did me as I wrote it.

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