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Ollie Tollie Bear – A Christmas Story

Our next Christmas story gift to you this year is Ollie Tollie Bear. Every child dreams of a toy for Christmas, this is the story from the other side.

Ollie sat in the store, in shiny packaging. All of the others faced forward, watching and waiting. A Mommy and her little boy walked by. The boy ran to him, and picked him up.

Ollie was excited about going with him, until the boy’s Mom said to put it down, and follow Daddy. Ollie was sad, until the boy was out of sight, and Mommy picked him up. She quickly bought him, placed him in their trunk, and went back to the store.

Ollie sat in the car for what seemed like a long time. The toy bear tried not to giggle with Henry just a seat away. When they got home, Ollie thought they had forgot him, until Daddy slipped him inside, and then the closet.

If Ollie thought the car wait was long, the wait in the top of the coat closet was even longer. It seemed like ages. He watched all the seasons change from there. Spring outfits replaced with summer clothes, which gave way to fall jackets, and winter coats.

Finally, while Henry slept, Mommy took him down, wrapped him in shiny paper, and set him somewhere. Ollie could not see anything but the mostly white paper. Except that is, for the bit of red and green with Santa, where Momma doubled over the outside corner.

Ollie was sleeping, when he heard laughter. He could hear Mommy, Daddy, and Henry talking and playing. Suddenly he was being lifted. The paper was torn open, and Henry looked at his new toy. “Mommy Daddy I love it! It’s an Ollie Tollie Bear. It’s just what I wanted.”

Ollie sat on the bed, held tightly in Henry’s arms as he slept. Ollie was so happy. Every moment of waiting, in the store, the car, the closet, and apparently under the tree were worth it. He was was just what his child wanted, and that’s all any toy wants to be.

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