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Stephens Day Boxing Day

Today is called Stephen’s Day in some parts of the world, Boxing Day in others. Traditionally it’s the day when people remember the first Christian Martyr Stephen. In England it was a time for people to box up some of their Christmas bounty to share with the less fortunate. In Christ both ideas marry perfectly.

Jesus came to give us something we could not attain to, and opened up possibilities we could never imagine. Stephen’s Day not only follows Christmas, Stephen followed Christ’s footsteps to give his life for what he believed. I’m so doing his life impacted thousands, including the man who would become the Apostle Paul.

I did this portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with Stephen’s Day or Boxing Day in mind. The Queen herself has often said how her faith has strengthened her during dark times. Our world faces challenges like we have never seen, but every problem will bow to Jesus. Whether it’s personal, communal, national, or even global, His Grace is still far greater than every foe. As we box up another year, trust in The One Who holds the world in His hand, and Who will carry us on!

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