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Art Unboxed Angles

In this first Art Unboxed post of the year, and our first post of 2022, I would like to talk about angles. The simple pencil sketch above is just that, very simple, except for the angle. The angle of the Ship’s Purser walking along the deck of the ship is interesting because of the composition of the picture.

It’s not that I was being very creative, it’s from a photograph of the same angle, but that’s what Art Unboxed is about. Looking at, and incorporating existing tools or techniques, in a different way. First, let’s talk about the looking.

Looking can either be, looking at something a new way, or looking without preconceived ideas. Let’s pretend you were about to paint a portrait. No doubt, from the time you see the subject, and idea forms as to the composition. Purposely rejecting the angel that comes to mind, and doing something unusual, will breathe new life into your composition.

One way of looking at things in a new way is to frame a scene at a different angle. For example, if you have a rectangular view finder, and you look at a picture in portrait or landscape, try turning the view finder ten degrees. One little change can transform your art project.

Another method of using angles is to design the composition in a way that causes the viewer to look at the picture differently. For example, a keyhole view in a painting. For example, you can have a painting of someone in a building, looking through the door. The keyhole view would show a glimpse of what was happening outside the open door.

Changing angles, will develop your compositional eye, and help you become habitual about changing your projects in some way. This can be an additional safeguard to falling into a pattern or rut, that would lead to burn out. Playing an angle in your painting, can help you to come out a winner with every design.

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