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Harry The Flying Water Balloon – A Children’s Story

Harry the flying water balloon soared over Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. He loved looking out over the city. Harry flew high and low with the wind. Just then, he saw a bird with a very, very sharp beak flying towards him.

Harry hollered out and scooted forward as hard as he could. He had heard stories of what happens to flying water balloons when birds get to close, POP! His Grandfather had told him all about it, so when the bird got to close, Harry screamed again.

“Please, please don’t hit me! POP! I don’t want to POP!” Harry sighed.

“Man, I’m not going to hit you. I just wanted to say hello, the name is McTavish, I’m an albatross. I know about water balloons, it’s not good to get to close, POP!”

Harry was so relieved. McTavish was such a nice bird. They flew high and low all day long, with no danger of a POP! at all. Finally, the clouds began to droop, the sun yawned, McTavish yawned, and Harry yawned. The moon came out to play, and the stars twinkled.

Just then, Harry woke up to see his Mother stroking his head, and telling him a story about flying over the city. “Shhh, little one, snuggle with your blanket McTavish, and let Momma finish her story.”

She told him about how the little water balloon and the bird, also named McTavish, drifted down to Earth for a nap, but Harry didn’t hear. He and the real McTavish were fast asleep, soaring through dreamland.

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