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Art Unboxed – Sketchbook Small, Medium, And Large

In this week’s Art Unboxed I would like to talk about sketchbooks. It’s a given that an artist needs to have a sketchbook to jot down ideas, practice drawing, and plan a larger piece. Some do art journaling, some keep as a library for progression and history, and some even sell their completed sketchbooks. Today I’d like to talk about the different sizes of sketchbooks as related to the artist.

I’ve used all three sizes, and each have their benefits. As the parent of a small toddler, we had a super bowl party at our Church, Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee last weekend. I brought a pocket size sketchbook with me along with a pen, pencil, and eraser. It fit perfectly in the pocket of my hoodie. The compact size allowed me to focus on my family, which while I enjoy art, they are always my priority over it. When they were busy, to sketch a few things, including the Yoda in the graphic above.

It worked so well that I intend to keep a small sketch kit in my car for just those times. When that isn’t an option, my small sketchbook is my phone, using either Procreate or Artrage. I used Procreate on my iPad Pro, and Art Rage on my iPhone. That work flow works well for me, which is the most important point, find what works for you.

I use medium and large sketchbooks for practice, archiving, and for planning larger pieces. These allow me to keep a history of my art for myself, see my progress, and give my family a keepsake. I’m working on a large sketchbook now that I intend to give my son Nicholas.

Each size has their own purpose and place, but one of the biggest benefits is the practice and improvement it provides to your drawing skills. I don’t get to paint a acrylic every day, but every day that I sketch will improve every acrylic painting along the way. If you have any interest in drawing, I would suggest getting a simple sketchbook, and start drawing. You may be surprised where it takes you.

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