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The Southern Border Of Judah

Joshua 15:21-25 (NKJV)
21 The cities at the limits of the tribe of the children of Judah, toward the border of Edom in the South, were Kabzeel, Eder, Jagur,
22 Kinah, Dimonah, Adadah,
23 Kedesh, Hazor, Ithnan,
24 Ziph, Telem, Bealoth,
25 Hazor, Hadattah, Kerioth, Hezron (which is Hazor),

Joshua 15:21-25 takes us on a tour of Judah’s southern border. Bible readers understand that in The Bible, every name has a meaning. It would take a few minutes to go into detail on what each city’s name means. However I would like to share with you both the meaning their names, and what I believe it is a type and shadow of.

There is so much in each name, some are puzzling, such as verse 25. Commentators explain that this verse refers only to two cities, a place called Hazor-Hadattah or New Hazor, and Hezron. Another place puzzled me at first, Bealoth, which means mistresses.

Yet when you put it together with the others, the meaning flows. These aren’t just places, they are types and shadows of our walk as a Christian. Everything in The Bible, Old or New Testament, points to The Lord Jesus, and our relationship with Him.

First it must be said that Judah in the south bordered Edom. The descendants of Esau yes, but specifically the reference is to the name Edom, meaning red. Our border begins and ends with The Blood of The True Firstborn, The Lord Jesus. We would not have been able to be born again, had He not been born to die for our sins.

Far greater men than I have explained that Judah means praise. When you see The Blood though, how can any not praise a God of love Who gave all, so that we could have everything? First, here is a listing of the city’s names, their definitions, and after that, what I believe the meaning is to us.

Kabzeel – God Has Gathered
Eder – A Flock
Jagur – He Sojourns
Kinah – Lamentation
Dimonah River Bed Or Silence
Adadah – Festival Or Boundary
Kedesh – Holy Place
Hazor – Castle
Ithnan – Hire (Root word is for Sea Monster or Dragon)
Ziph – Battlement
Telem – Oppression
Bealoth- Mistresses
Hazor-Hadattah- Castle New Hazor
Hezron- Surrounded By A Wall

God has gathered a flock, He sojourns with us. Whether you face a river bed of blessings, or silent tears, He is our Comforter and our rejoicing. Christ is the cause and source of our celebration, God alone our only boundary. With Him we can go as far as the sky, and will one day.

For now, He brings us into The Holy Place. A castle of defense, David a son of Judah said, “The Name Of The Lord is a Strong Tower, the Righteous run into it and are safe.”

God has paid the price for all of us, slaying the sin that stood against us. Though the battle was fierce, and we faced oppression. The enemy even tried to lure us away, but God kept us.

He brought us into His stronghold, where He make all things new. We are surrounded by a wall of mercy and grace. Jesus is a fence around each and every one of us!

When you begin to tour where The Lord has brought us from, walking through where He has brought us to; and rejoicing about where He’s taking us, life takes on new meaning. It’s far more than time and experience, we can remember the heat of the battle. We can relive that moment when we thought we were about to be destroyed, and The Lord said No!

All of this reminds me of an old song Brother Louis Harrah wrote, “… when I look back down the road where I laid my heavy load, and I think of all the victories I’ve won, sometimes I get a thrill when I look back down the hill, and I see just where the Lord has brought me from.

If you’re facing a battle today, I would encourage you to remember your southern border. Recall where you’ve been brought from, and how you got to here. When you get finished touring the cities, you may find your new battle has moved. It may go from a place of struggle, to a new city on the map of your testimony!

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