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The Orange Cow And The Green Rooster – A Children’s Story

There was once an orange cow. Have you ever seen an orange cow? The cow grew up thinking it was a white and brown cow? Then one day, when standing in front of the sunrise, it realized it was an orange cow.

She started telling people that she was an orange cow. One day, the green rooster looked at her and laughed. “Silly cow, you’re white and brown like me. When the sun shines on you, it shares it’s light with you, and you reflect the sun.”

She thought for a minute. At first, she wanted to feel sad, and embarrassed, but then she saw something. The cow had seen it the first day, but hadn’t paid much attention to it. When the light hit her, it also hit the tree by the fence. It was an orange tree.

The cow ignored the rooster, and walked over to the orange tree. She knocked three or four oranges off the tree, and went home. The next morning, when the sun rose, and the rooster got up to crow. He saw something new.

The cow was standing near the fence, in front of the sunrise, but behind her orange juice stand. The sign said, Orange Cow Juice, Fifty Cents a glass. All of the barn animals, and even the farmer, lined up for fresh orange juice. The Orange Cow fulfilled her dreams, she was the Orange Cow now, and the rooster left feeling green with envy.

The Orange Cow didn’t want him to feel bad, so she gave him some orange juice for free. The rooster thanked her, and the two became friends. Whether you’re an Orange Cow, or a Green Rooster, you can put aside your differences, and become the best of friends!

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