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The Three Possums A Children’s Story

My guess is, you’ve never heard the story of The Three Possums. Oh, I know you’ve heard the story about the three pigs, and Red Riding Hood’s Grandma, and all the trouble that wolf got in. I would guess though you didn’t hear how a family of possums all most finished him off.

A few days after the last incident, the wolf all bandaged up, don’t ask, decided he’d never eat a pig or a Grandmother again. On his morning walk, he spied in a nearby tree what he thought would be a quick supper, a family of possums.

They were hanging side by side in the big oak, Momma was knitting a sweater. Baby Possum was playing with his rattle, and Poppa was using a piece of straw as a toothpick. That old wolf decided to try and eat the baby first, but you don’t mess with a Momma’s baby!

When that old Wolf came out of the bush behind the tree, she flung one of those knitting needles at him. It landed in his back, and he hollered loudly, running off to get it out.

Angrier now, he decided to try and eat the Momma Possum next. When he came out of another bush near the tree, Papa Possum took a match and set fire to the piece of straw, flinging it at that old wolf’s tail. A tail that was already partially burnt off from the pigs adventure.

It caught fire, well like straw itself, and he yelled. He high tailed it to the old creek nearby to cool off what was left. Now the wolf was really angry, but the possums just hung there still rocking back and forth.

This time he was going for Papa! Now family is important, and you don’t mess with a baby Possum’s hero. He took that rattle of his, the one topped with a rock, and hit the tree he was in, near the old Owl’s hole.

That old Owl didn’t like someone waking him up in the day time so he asked what was going on. The little baby possum pointed at the wolf, in mid flight, and that old Owl tore into the wolf. The wolf ran screaming, the Owl chasing and plucking hair with beak and talons the entire way.

FInally the wolf got away about three miles down the road, but he didn’t stop. That wolf didn’t even run back to get his clothes, maybe that’s why people think the woodsman finished him off in the Red Riding Hood business.

That day that old Wolf became a businessman. He decided he would only eat hot dogs the rest of his life. He started selling them, and became rich enough to buy whatever he wanted. Yet, no matter how rich he got, he never tried to eat a possum, a pig, or a Grandmother ever again. So everybody, even a tattered old wolf turned hot dog saleswolf, lived happily every after, bandages and all.

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