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Six Days From A Miracle

March 21, 2019, by now we had ran a rollercoaster of emotions. Ashley and I had expected our baby the first Wednesday, but then it looked like it would definitely happen the next Wednesday, it hadn’t. The day after we were confused, disheartened, and holding onto hope at the same time. We didn’t realize we were now six days from seeing our son.

A flood of memories come back as you relive it. Especially all of the blessings God gave us during the time of waiting. Waiting is hardly ever easy, but harder if you’ve waited for a long time, and we had. Of course now the waiting makes the reality of it all sweeter.

Looking back on the waiting, I remember being so homesick in Arizona. At first it was interesting, but the longer we were there, I didn’t want to see another palm tree, cactus, or move into another corner of Phoenix. It felt like we traveled to every suburb they had in that big city.

We still had some moves ahead of us, the sweetest being the day Nicholas was born, and the day we all got on the plane to come home. Thinking of the word wait, I can’t help but think of the word weight.

They’re spelled differently, and technically mean different things, but someone who’s been there will tell you, there is heaviness to waiting, and that’s not a bad thing. Usually a quality made product, has some weight and wait to it.

It takes time to produce something valuable, and there is a sturdiness to something well crafted. Whatever, or whoever you’re waiting for, don’t view the weight of the waiting as a burden. Consider it this way, both will reflect its value when it arrives, an it will right on time. Our Nicholas who will turn three in six days, is proof God’s miracles are worth every moment!

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