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A Miracle, Surprises, And Superman

At any given moment, we’ll here “I’m hulk”, “wanna play dinosaur,” or one of my favorites, “will you hold me?” We’re not perfect I promise you, but we try to always be grateful for the voice we longed to hear for oh so long. Tomorrow is Nicholas’ third birthday, and I’m sure most people know our story by now, but three years later we are deeper in love with our son, our story, and Our Heavenly Father than ever before.

I say that, because we did not do it, in fact we could not have done it. There was no way, on any level, that we could have made it happen. It was as impossible as a man turning into a green muscled warrior, or lassoing a tyrannosaurus.

If we could have leaped tall buildings, dressed up like a dark knight, or been faster than a speeding bullet, we could not have made the impossible possible. Only God could, not only placed our miracle in our arms, only He could take it a step farther than we dreamed of. You see, we not only we’re blessed to adopt our son, we got to stay in the hospital with him from the day he was born.

When Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Nicholas left Glendale Arrowhead Campus hospital, we left our hospital room. We didn’t just get to have our son, we got to be in the room for his first bath, keep him in our hospital room, and carry him home from the hospital. To an Airbnb in Surprise, Arizona, the nicest place we stayed, and the only house with a garage.

That doesn’t sound important does it, but it’s the only place we stayed that month in Arizona, that was a house with a garage. We own a home with a garage, and we may not have been in Nashville the night we left the hospital, but we were in a home that not only felt like a mansion, it had a sense of normalcy to it. God will surprise you, go beyond your wildest dreams, and make you feel at home in the process.

Oh they’ll be those times when you’re scared, unsure, and in a strange place, but it will be worth it all. An when you least expect it, God will surprise you with your heart’s desire, in a way more beautiful, more perfect, and more original than you could have ever imagined.

So this man who was afraid he’d never find the love of his life, this couple who went to bed in tears praying for a child, get to be part of super things. We get to play dinosaur, are Thanos or Joker, and get to hold a three year old miracle. All thanks to a God Who relishes in loving His children by giving them the impossible. We’re so in love with both our miracle, and The One that Kenny Hinson called The Original Superman!

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