They Are Still In Your House

The last few days as I got up, I haven’t felt the best. It passed pretty quickly, but it’s been a little more challenging the last few days. I’ve pushed through it, but my mind tried to get locked on it today. When it did, The Lord brought a wonderful thought immediately to mind, “They are still in your house”.

I thought of my little boy sitting between the ottomans, eating cereal, drinking his berry juice, and watching his show. Then there is my wife of almost thirteen years. Even the little dog that was a gift I did not realize was from Heaven, which carried us through the in between times of waiting for Nick.

All of these amazing blessings, they are still in my house. What blessings do you have that are still in your house? Maybe you’re going through a battle today. Maybe it’s a hard day, I in no way want to diminish your battle, but I would suggest this.

That we do not allow our view of the battle reduce our blessings either. I didn’t feel very well today, but I remember the times He has healed me. I remember the times when He worked out a financial crisis for me, not a challenge but a crisis.

If you’re in a crisis today, I would encourage you to mentally wall through the last victory He gave you in a crisis. If you have tears now, they may be valid tears, so I don’t ask you to stop crying. I do ask that you call to mind the last time He wiped your tears away.

They are still in your house, those blessings, those miracles, those answers that you didn’t have, but now have built on for years. The Lord used our last hurt to lift us higher. That is the real benefit of trophies, it’s not meant for ego.

The real purpose of trophies is both to celebrate our victories, and to inoculate us against future doubts. The veteran has this advantage in battle, he or she has been here before. They lived through it once, they can live through it again.

Their medals aren’t for a shiny uniform, but for their next battle, and for those around them. Their experience can save the lives of those around them, because they’ve been there. They know the battle is winnable, because they have been in the winner’s circle.

I already feel better, and I am thankful for that, but more so for the lesson. They are still in the house, which by the way the house is a blessing I couldn’t afford, but God! It’s an amazing thing, when I stack my trials beside of my miracles, the good doesn’t just outweigh the bad.

The good dwarfs any challenge, because I see God standing in the midst of my miracles. His salvation is the greatest miracle of all. Because He is in the room, they are all still in my house!

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