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What Type Of Writer Are You?

There are numerous types of writers out there, understanding a few of them may help determine which you are, or would like to be. When I say type, in this instance, I’m not referring to genre. I’m speaking more to the mindset of the writer, and the methods they may use.

There is the topical writer. Someone who is inspired to write about current events, and to support a point of view. These writers are on a timetable defined by the topic and corresponding events surrounding them. The urgency of the topic helps to engage them into completing their writing project.

Another type of writer is the passionate writer. This is someone, not necessarily inspired by a current event, but passionate about something which engages them to write. While it may have an event as part of the catalyst, it’s not solely based on a current topic.

A history professor may be passionate about sharing the impact the study of history has had on them. While this would not be topical, a modern event may have been the catalyst inspiring them to write the book. Many biographies are written, tied to an event, but not solely related to it.

The category I was the most excited to look at, is the one we all have been in at some point in our lives. This is the type of the Hesitant or Reluctant writer. There are many good reasons for hesitance or reluctance first off, we lead busy lives.

However, if not overcome, this hesitance and reluctance will prevent you from writing your book. Depending upon you as an individual, this could be good or bad. There are some people who do not desire to write a book. Others may better articulate what they have to teach through their own lives, or a different vehicle such as speaking.

While I believe writing is a multi-terrain vehicle, it’s not an all terrain vehicle. There are times when words are not only unnecessary, but harmful. In those instances, writing is not the answer. Most of the time however, writing in the proper form, is a wonderful vehicle to travel in.

People from every walk of life, educated and uneducated, known and unknown have written something that made an impact. How many times has a historian turned to a diary of an unknown individual to shed light on an era in history? Had they not have written it down, we would know less about our heritage.

I do hope in reading this you ask yourself, am I a hesitant writer? Is there something I know that, if shared properly, could improve someone’s life in some way? If that question is yes, you can move very quickly from the hesitant writer to the passionate one. Whether it’s an instruction manual on how to build a table, or a book about survival, you know something valuable.

This knowledge can transform a life, and if that’s the case, isn’t that reason enough to stop hesitating? For me, once I realize that I can share something which will be impactful to others, I feel a sense of urgency to share it.

Writing alone is not for everyone, though we don’t really write alone. Most of us have input, either before, during, or after the rough draft. Some of us do better writing the rough draft by ourselves first, others love to write with someone. These are what I call a collaborative writer.

You do not have to take this journey by yourself. I have written over thirty titles on Amazon myself, and encouraged others in their own writing. I can tell you it is not only possible to write a book, but to write one in far less time than you might expect. While some books can take a year, others can take as little as 5 months or less, depending on the methods and tools you utilize.

You see collaboration in books, songs, scripts, almost any type of writing allows for collaboration. If you have a desire or an urgency to write, but are struggling, one option is collaboration. Whether it takes the form of a co-writer, or a writing coach, collaboration is a very powerful writing tool.

Tomorrow I would like to briefly share with you some methods that can help you in your writing. A few method changes can take you from wanting to write, to having written. No matter what type of writer you are, you can see your idea both take form, and help to shape someone else’s world in a better way.

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