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The Three Rubber Ducks – A Children’s Story

Once upon the time there were three rubber ducks, a Daddy Duck, a Momma Duck, and a Baby Duck. They were the toys of a little boy named Nick, and he loved them. He played with them every bath time. One night when Mommy scooped him out of the tub in the big blue towel, she forgot to drain the tub.

All the toys, including Nick’s new pirate ship toy were loving being able to play in the water themselves. The pirate got a funny idea, he decided to use his little plastic cannonballs in his spring cannon to fire at the ducks. “I’m going to send you flying out of the water ducks!”

“Don’t do it”, said Daddy Duck. “Don’t do it”, said Momma Duck. “Don’t do it”, said Baby Duck, but the pirate would not listen. He just missed Daddy Duck the first time, and Daddy Duck said “I tried to warn you.”

Daddy Duck started bouncing up and down and splashing water onto the pirate ship, and onto the pirate. Unlike the ship, the pirate had stickers on him. “Stop, you’ll ruin my stickers Nick put on me! I’ll stop, I’ll stop.” With that the pirate settled down.

The squirting dinosaur toy saw all this and started to laugh. Then he though, ‘I don’t have any stickers.’ He looked at Momma Duck and said, “I don’t have any stickers, I’m going to squirt you all.”

“Don’t do it”, said Daddy Duck. “Don’t do it”, said Momma Duck. “Don’t do it”, said Baby Duck, but the dinosaur would not listen. Momma Duck swerved to keep him from hitting her, though he did hit Daddy a little.

Momma Duck jumped out of the water and on to the soap dish. She sent the soap flying at the dinosaur toy, and it knocked him all the way out of the tub. “Help! Help!”, cried the dinosaur, but he didn’t have moving legs, so he couldn’t climb back in the tub.

Nick’s toy octopus who could bob up and down in the water, and move his tentacles, saw all of this. He thought, ‘I’m smarter than the pirate, and definitely smarter than the dinosaur’. He didn’t tell the ducks he was going to do something.

He dived under the water and just as he was under the three ducks, he grabbed them with his tentacles. “Ha, ha, ha, I’m smarter than the pirate, and the dinosaur, I’m going to pull you all three under, then throw you out of the tub.”

Don’t do it”, said Daddy Duck. “Don’t do it”, said Momma Duck. “Don’t do it”, said Baby Duck, but the octopus would not listen. Baby Duck said, “1, 2, 3 Go!”, and the three ducks started spinning in a circle round and round.

The force was so strong it caused the octopus to lose his grip, and sent him flying through the water. He hit the side of the tub, and knocked Nick’s bath brush off the hook, and on top of him. He was pinned under it and the pirate ship.

First the pirate started to laugh, then the dinosaur, who heard all of this outside the tub, started to laugh. Instead of getting mad, the octopus realized how silly he had been, and started to laugh too. When the ducks saw it would not hurt his feelings, they started to laugh. All of the bath toys started to laugh, until Mommy came to drain the tub.

Mommy wondered why the pirate’s sticker was wet, but dried it off. She didn’t remember the dinosaur being out of the tub, but she put him back in. Then she saw Nick’s bath brush had fallen, so she picked it up, and moved the octopus back to the bin of bath toys. She sat the three rubber ducks in the place of honor, on the shelf on the side of the tub.

Mommy grabbed the hair brush to take with her to brush Nick’s hair, and to tuck him in. The three ducks, the pirate, the dinosaur, and the octopus all settled in for the night, happy they had made Nick smile, happy they belonged to such a special little boy. They all lived happily ever after because they knew they were loved by Nick.

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