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Memorial Day 2022

I see them in my mind’s eye, soldiers of every era of our country’s history. Warriors some with barely any uniform at all armed with muskets, others in every color of uniform from the sections of our history. Soldiers, whether born here, or those who’s hearts brought them here.

Americans of every ethnicity and background came together because they believed in the idea of freedom. We honor all of our soldiers, both the names we know, and those unknown to us, yet never unknown to God. In every generation, there have been noble hearts who have stood to keep us free.

Americans do not celebrate merely a weekend, a barbecue, or a day off. We humbly thank God that He has blessed us with men and women that have had hearts full enough to risk their all. My words will never equal their sacrifice, I am not a soldier, but I am in debt to every soldier. Each of us lead life freely, because someone else gave theirs just as freely.

Throughout our history, brave Americans answered the threats to the republic with a quiet strength, and a steel resolve. Francis Scott Key’s words, and later the Star Spangled Banner’s lyrics truly penned it as a “perilous fight”. We must never forget, no matter our differences, challenges, or current battles, the blood of men and women allowed us to be here. On this Memorial Day, we say thank you to every soldier from the first minute of our nation to it’s current hour, we will never forget the level of your sacrifice.

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