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Before You Share Your Story

I say before you tell your story, because all of us have a story to tell. Each of them are different in some way, all of us are unique. We may share some experiences, but we also share differences, ones that can help others. I have seven questions for you, before you tell your story.

1. What would writing your story do for you? How would sharing what you know, be a blessing to you? What areas do you see it would be beneficial or add value to your life?

2. What would writing your story do for others? How would sharing what you know, be a blessing to others? What areas of your experience would add value to someone else?

3. What would your story be about? Would it be a personal experience, life lesson, or fictional story? What parts of your story are you passionate about?

4. When could you start your writing? Could you start today, tomorrow, or let’s say Saturday? What time would be best for you to begin writing?

5. If you can answer all of these questions, why aren’t you writing your story? Is it a matter of schedule,? What if there was a way for you to write and lead a busy life?

6. How do you write your story? Where do you begin your story? What does your first sentence look like?

7. What should you do next? I would recommend starting by setting a point in time you would begin writing. I would start with one sentence, and write three to five paragraphs. Then I would make it my goal to write 500 words a day. An average sentence is 15-20 words, an average paragraph is 75-160 words, so 5-6 paragraphs would average 500 words.

Sharing your story isn’t an impossible dream, but a concrete reality. It isn’t made up of giant leaps, but small steps. Each of us have an experience that is valuable, and others can learn from. So my last question is, how long will you wait before you share your story?

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