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Finding Your Writing Idea

I would like to talk to you about finding your writing idea, but first I’d like to introduce you to someone. He was called The Human Joke Machine, Maury Amsterdam could come up with a joke almost instantly. Though most people know him from the Dick Van Dyke Show, he had a full career. Maury began as a straight man to his brother’s routine, which explains his wonderful comedy timing. In comedy a straight man is vital, because they understand timing.

While a brilliant comedian, Maury was also a savvy businessman in the business side of show business, and the stock market. He also was a skilled cellist, along with being a successful song writer. You’re asking, what does he have to do with finding your writing idea?

If you walked into the room not knowing Maury Amsterdam, you’d quickly find out he was funny. After you would probably hear about his family, and then his interests. Honestly he could write a book about each one, but the question is this. What would he share most passionately?

Suppose we were meeting you instead of Maury Amsterdam. What would you first say about yourself? What would you want us to know about you? What would you talk most passionately about? I ask because many want to write, but share that they don’t know what to write.

The best answer is to write what you are most passionate about. We all are about something, but there is usually a few things in the most passionate column. You may write about other passions later, but if you are having trouble deciding on your first writing project, I would start with the most passionate column.

I would ask that you take a few moments and decide what that is for you. Then spend a few more moments jotting down your thoughts on this subject. You may find that, while you thought you had no idea about what to write, you’ve written down much more than you imagined possible. Once you’ve done this, let’s talk tomorrow about where to go from here.

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