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People Do Use Typewriters

People don’t use typewriters anymore. That statement may be commonly believed, but it’s actually not true. If at least two people use them, people do use typewriters. I just read an article about a man who uses typewriters to literally type out portraits, and sent one to Tom Hanks. Hanks, a typewriter enthusiast which regularly types out thank you notes, typed back. People do use typewriters.

Similarly, many people believe the following phrase, I can’t write a book. If one person has written a book then, just like you, one person who can write a book. If they can, you can too. I know, I’ve written over thirty on Amazon.

Like you, I used to think I couldn’t. Most people don’t realize how many times I tried, before writing my first book. Or the number that I attempted between my first and second book. The first time, I was able to accomplish it because there was a cause attached to it, which was bigger than myself.

I had also had a lot of practice in the attempts over the years, so nothing was wasted. The second book was also tied to something bigger than myself. That’s important, because it gave me a goal that was larger than my reasons to stop.

I say reasons because, some people have legitimate obstacles. At times we may make excuses, but we also face real challenges. I learned that the real challenges can be overcome. For example, a number of books were written when our son was an infant. His Mother and I both took turns during the night, and we got very little sleep, but the books still were written.

I learned that if other people could write books, and if people with busy lives could write books, so could I. As a result, I’ve written over thirty books, and I am actively working on more. It is possible, people do write books. Some probably still type them out, after all people do use typewriters.

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