Art Unboxed White And Gray

Recently my wife brought home a gift for me, a gray toned sketchbook. It was so much fun using my white pastel pencil and white gel pen to draw with. It reminded me of using a white crayon as a child. It’s enjoyable because you can draw what’s in your mind without having to draw around the white.

Instead of drawing an outline a snowman and filling in a black top hat, you drew the entire snowman in white, then followed up with a black hat. As a watercolorist it’s interesting because you’re not going around the negative space. It also of course gives a much different look to your drawings.

It’s a great lesson in perspective, seeing in a different way than you normally would. Have you ever looked at a white lion in the wild? The same king of beasts, yet a different coat. Everything around him has a different feel to it, because of his white fur. A few shades different from his tan cousin, yet the contrast is stunning.

If you have ran out of drawing ideas, or have reached a plateau I would recommend trying white ink or pastel on gray paper. You may find yourself seeing and sketching in a completely new light.

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