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Art Unboxed Gearing Up For Inktober

As I write this, I’m gearing up for one of my favorite art events of the year, Inktober. It’s the time when artists all across the world share a daily drawing. Some follow a specific prompt, others don’t. It’s extremely exciting, both to share your images, and to see what others are doing.

It’s an activity that has greatly improved my own draftsmanship. It’s allowed me to experiment with new ways of using tools. This is true whether switching from a micron to a fountain pen, or trying a different style with a digital painting. Another technique I enjoy is painting the entire image in various shades of a particular color, like Prussian Blue or Iron Red Oxide.

If you’ve never participated in Inktober, I would encourage you to give it a try. If you do, be sure and hashtag it #inktober so others can see. Inktober is equal parts practice, and sharing. It’s that unique combination which has encouraged progression for generations.

Whether art, music, or another activity we’ve all said, “Look what I can do now”. From Van Gough to Beethoven, all started out sharing their ideas while still learning more. It’s a wonderful way to get better, all while making someone else’s day a little brighter with what you’ve learned.

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