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An Active God

God isn’t just reaching out to the hurting, and the hopeful. He reaches out to those so in pain they’ve convinced themselves they’re numb to everything. He reaches out to the hopeless, to the ones who think it’s over for them.

The Lord is a God Who aches at our pain, is distraught by the way we hurt. He is not pained by our problem, that He can fix easily. What God cares is that man is hurting, when He can heal the pain.

Are you hurting today? Do you feel that no one understands, or maybe even cares? One does, more do, but One cares above all. I don’t know your circumstances but He does. This wasn’t just some random blog, this was meant for you if you are reading it.

Please know that He is not blind to your suffering, or uncaring. He will help you, and is only waiting for you to ask. For those who have asked, and think nothing is happening, consider this. A seed is planted, and from the moment it is, it begins to grow.

Just because we don’t see the movement, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Please know that God is active in your dilemma today. He is helping, and holding you in His heart.

Please find a place today to pray, and talk to Him. A place where His Word is shared, by imperfect, but loving people. Maybe you’ve been hurt in a Church before, maybe, but He was not the source of the pain. If you’ve left Him because of someone else, why neglect His house because of someone else just as broken as you and I?

I would say to you today, reach out to Jesus. Let Him show you that He has never stopped reaching out to you. He is a God Who cares, and Who is fighting for us all.

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