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For me, one of the most special times for art as a child, was during Christmas. I still remember my Grandfather coloring in giant coloring books during the holidays. Only he didn’t just color, he blended them almost the way you would a painting. I can still see it in my head some forty years later.

I love seeing the Santa’s, snowmen, and assorted reindeer pictures. Whether it’s a painting, sketch, or statue, they’re so creative. They also usually have some unique aspect to them. This is a lesson for me in and of itself, two people can draw the same thing, and find something diffierent in the process.

I suspect I’ve drawn hundreds of Santa Claus images, but I also try to bring something different to each one. There’s still an element of childhood in these drawings, which I love. I remember every year waiting for Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa.

Art at its core should be fun, for the artist, and those you’re sharing art with. I love that inspiration flows so easily during the holidays. I may struggle in June for what to draw, but less so in November and December.

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