Christmas,  Poem

Poem A Herald For The Eternal

A Christmas Poem

A Herald For The Eternal

A heavenly herald for an earthly child

Eternal, yet newborn, this treasure

A miracle when He smiled

Everlasting God and mortal man together

A breathing and breath giving hope

Eve’s promise fulfilled in David’s town

A prophecy and prophet beyond all scope

Entered into the world with few around

A journey not of grandeur

Expressly born to die for all

A life filled with sorrow to secure

Eternity when we answer His call

A new life for all who open

Eternity’s knock on our earthly heart

A rebirth for the fallen and broken

Every sin redeemed, a new start

A possibility once impossible

Every sinner can now stand

A love that was inexhaustible

Each of us a child holding His hand

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