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The Other Benedict Arnold

On this day in 1615, the other Benedict Arnold was born. This was not the infamous one from the American Revolution, but his Great Grandfather. He was was president, and then governor, of the Rhode Island colony serving for a total of 11 years.

Among his other descendants were two naval heroes and brothers, Commodores Oliver and Matthew Perry. Senator Stephen Douglas, who lost the Presidency to Abraham Lincoln, was also among his family. What struck me most was, the phrase President Benedict Arnold was a reality.

Finding this historical fact shows once again, not only is anything possible, at Christmas you still discover the unexpected. It also encourages me. The point of Christmas is that our identity is not determined by our reputation or our history. Christ was born, not just for the noble Mr Arnold, but the one with all the baggage.

We all have baggage. We all have things we’re not proud of, actions we wish we could say were done by someone else. Jesus entered this world, not for the spotless, but the spotted.

To give us a chance to rewrite even the darkest story. To apply His blood, to redeem all of us. To take on His name, and give us a new beginning. It is truly a Merry Christmas to all who seek Him!

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