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What Do You Call It?

Today is known by different names, St. Stephen’s Day, the second day of Christmas, and Boxing Day. For others it’s considered the day after a celebration. Each is true, but all of these views hold something special.

If you celebrate Boxing Day, it’s a day of generosity. If it’s St. Stephen’s Day, we remember a man who gave his life for his faith. If you call it the second day of Christmas, then you recognize it as a journey with Jesus that goes beyond a single day.

For those who struggle with it as the day after, where depression is a real battle, I’d like to encourage you today. The day after Jesus’ birth, He had enemies. The day after Calvary, His disciples suffered sorrow. The day after His resurrection, love reigned, but darkness still waged battles.

The Disciples did not allow the very real foes to silence their joy. It may have threatened their lives, but it could not destroy their souls. The day after Christmas isn’t the day after celebration, it’s proof that the celebration continued.

Christ went from Bethlehem to Egypt, Nazareth, and beyond. We must go beyond where we are, taking Him with us. We can stand with a joy time cannot remove, because He lives, we live also!

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