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New Year’s Eve, Thinking, And An Oil Change

Today is New Year’s Eve, we talk a lot about the ending of it, and the beginning of tomorrow, but how are you starting today? I started it by waking up, or rather my alarm waking me up and going to the car dealership for an oil change. As I write this, I’m waiting for them to open in about an hour.

It’s not how I would want to start the day, but the sooner you get here, the sooner you get to leave. I’m the first in line this time. That’s the real reason I’m here, so that I can get back to my family as soon as possible. By starting early, and doing a few things I didn’t necessarily want to do, it will give me more time to do what I’d like to today, like being with them.

The preparation we put on the Eve of things is often the momentum we will need later, in the thick of things to accomplish our goals. I am a student not an expert, but I hope this new year to prepare more ahead of time. For example, I want to prepare ahead of meetings with family and loved ones, preparing to listen to their needs, wants, and dreams. I don’t want to just go in without an appreciation of how precious these moments are.

One of the reasons I love the holidays I think, is that there is a general sense of appreciation for what we have been given, not only the things but the people in our lives. Every moment is precious, not just the last two months of the year, but each time we see the face of a loved one. We are on the edge of a new year, there will be opportunities, adventures, and challenges, but there will also be family, friends, and moments with them.

As we pray over our goals, and we should seek God’s direction in every area of our lives, I plan to pay more attention to those I cherish. To hold them closer, listen more intently, and seek to help more this year in anyway I can. I’m waiting in line for an oil change on New Year’s Eve, and just like a car, we get sludgy, worn, and focused on the rpms. When we should be like more like my son on the way to see his friends. He’s just excited about the faces he will see and the time he will spend with them when we get there.

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