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What A Beautiful Sound

I’m listening to a happy little boy as he imagines some adventure filled with heroes. There was a yesterday when we dreamed of these moments, hoping that one day this quiet house would be filled with the sounds of our now. A couple of things happened today to remind us of how miraculous the lives we live are.

Through no merit of our own we are blessed to be the parents of a precious, healthy, handsome, smart, little boy. We’re far from perfect, but we never want to take these things for granted. We are not only parents, we are Nicholas’ parents. God didn’t just give us a child, He gave us our child.

Before I was a Dad, I couldn’t comprehend how much you could love your child. I had heard stories, and I thought I understood. It’s one thing to have head knowledge, and another to have heart knowledge.

There is also a reason to follow God’s direction for your life. No matter what you face, no matter how challenging, when you get to where He is taking you, you wouldn’t change a moment. You realize that He was crafting the perfect story for your life.

Yes our lives are part of a far larger story, His story, but please don’t misunderstand something. His story is completely focused on us, it’s a story of Divine adoption. The Bible is a story of a Loving Father sacrificing everything to adopt all of us.

We are the reason for every choice He made. When He shaped the Earth, the very dirt of Calvary was formed so we could be redeemed. I can’t fathom that kind of love, but as a Dad I can understand the passion behind it.

We would travel to the driest desert, or the darkest jungle for our child, yet God

traveled so much farther for us. He Who was perfect remained perfect, but became something He was not to rescue all of us. The journey to make us His children.

Our story of adoption is a reflection of His story, which is also our story. Ashley and I are so thankful for every step. Grateful because it brought us first to Salvation, second to each other, and third it brought us to Nicholas.

When this journey started it began with tears. Now the tears are joy instead of sorrow, and they’re accompanied by happy laughter. The laughter of Our Heavenly Father, His children, and our child, what a beautiful sound!

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