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A Speck Of Dust A Children’s Story

A speck of dust looked around the top of the bookshelf in a New York City bookstore. He longed to be more. He and his friend dreamed of a life of beyond only dust. Of course all of the other specks of dust laughed at them.

“The only way you’ll get off this bookshelf is to be swept into a dust pan and thrown away. Face it, you’re just a speck of dust, and that’s all you’ll ever be. Learn to live with it like we all have.”

Instead the speck of dust kept dreaming, and encouraging his friend to dream. One day the bookstore owner left a window open, and a small soft breeze changed everything. The wind picked up just Dustin and his friend S. D. and carried them out the window.

It lifted them high above the city, circling all around the city. The two specks of dust were getting to see sights that many others had never seen. Finally the wind placed them on the back of a hawk flying out of the city.

They saw fields, animals, and people. It was a far cry from the top of a dusty corner. Soon another wind picked them up. This time they were placed on the back of a monarch butterfly.

It came to rest in the top rafter of a huge barn. The speck of dusts knew they were so high up that no one could ever sweep them away into a trash can. They had lived their dream, one that all the other specks had told them wasn’t possible, but it wasn’t over.

When they got there, they were not alone. On every inch of the rafter were all kinds of specks of dust. One recognized Dustin and S. D. and spoke to them. It was a speck that had once been on the same shelf. “I know you two! I told you about the wind, and the city before I left.”

Dustin remembered now but, “How did you know?” Another speck spoke up, “I told him before I left, you see this has happened before. A lot of the specks of dust don’t listen, but those that do look beyond their corner and wait for the wind.”

They were so happy now, not only had they seen sights they could never imagine, they met others who believed in them. A few who had shared hope with them. Ones who had not only shared a dream but lived it.

These two happy little specks of dust learned what would be good for us all to know. Listen to those who’ve felt the wind lift them higher. Those who shared hope with us all. After all, before God whispered there was more, we were all just specks of dust He opened up a world too!

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