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An Example And A Dream

Before the famous words “I have a dream” we’re spoken, Dr King’s Father dreamed. I was privileged to read his Father’s biography many years ago. I was blessed to read of a man who began with very little, and didn’t only succeed, he helped others to do so.

As a son then I could understand the inspiration of a great father. As a dad now I am reminded of the important responsibility of being an inspiration. We do what is right because it is pleasing to God, and because it is right. We also should be mindful that what we do is a roadmap for our children.

Whether it’s an action or reaction, I must remember little eyes are watching me. Through tragedy Pastor King Sr outlived two of his children, but he continued to lead the rest of his family by example. When a sniper’s bullet took his bride while playing the organ in service, he told his family they must show love.

He said once, “I cannot hate any man.” Is it any wonder this man inspired his son to dream of a better day? Thank God for Dr King and his dream, thank God for Pastor King Sr and his example. Let us honor them both today.

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