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Art Unboxed To New Artists

To new artists I would say first draw, and if you don’t draw well, draw. Talk to others about drawing, then draw. Find out the type of instructor that can benefit you, not all are for everyone, then draw. When you get frustrated take a break, then draw.

If you can’t draw everyday, draw when you can. When the horse you drew doesn’t look right, draw. Keep drawing, not because you are where you want to be yet, but to get there. Learn from others, adjust where you can, and keep drawing.

Drawing is that important to an artist. I’m not trying to just be cute or to fill paragraphs, but to encourage you not to give up. Some will tell you that drawing is not as important in certain areas of art, and while that may be true for them, I can only share my experience. As my drawing has improved, my art has improved.

If like most of us you’re drawing at first, and for a while, won’t be where you want it to be, but that’s normal. It also does not mean you can’t draw, or that you can’t improve, or that you won’t get there. While I’m no Rembrandt by any stretch of the imagination, my art today is far better than when I began and I attribute that to a few factors.

One for me is that my drawing is part of serving others. I have been blessed to impact lives in some way through my art. I consider it part of my ministry, and I am thankful for God’s blessings in my journey.

The second factor would be practicing drawing which I began with. After that, listening and watching others who know more than I did or do, and continuing to repeat this. Finally of course is practice in a particular medium such as watercolor, ink, or digital art.

Part of this is practicing drawing, the other is practicing drawing with your tool of choice. Your method and drawing tool will add a different dimension to your art. My pencil drawing is different from my ink drawing, just as my watercolor differs from my digital and acrylic art.

Lastly I would repeat the importance of continuing to learn more. The mindset of a student and a continuing mind towards education even in hobby is valuable. Whether a business or only a hobby, while other priorities do come first, taking some time to learn more will add benefit to both your life and others in the process.

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