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Mark Kinstler and Eric Rhoads are two of the artistic influences in my life who, like Bob Ross, used the medium of video to highlight art. Mark Kinstler hosted a drawing program where he starred as Commander Mark. He taught me how to draw in a style which gave the illusion of three dimensional shapes, in a way that I could understand. Eric Rhoads continues to highlight countless artists through his online videos which have been so valuable to me.

For me, their videos have been as important as pen or brush, because it taught me what I could not have learned on my own. Things I do instinctively in art now, I learned by watching them. In addition to art being part of their career, it is also as passion. The same is true of men like James Gurney, and Aaron Blaise.

Their styles, techniques, hard work, and talent are amazing, but equally so is their desire to share knowledge with others. It’s one of the reasons for Art Unboxed, I hope to pass along some of the lessons so generously given to me. While I still have much to learn, I want to make others aware of techniques and tips which make learning art accessible.

My journey with art began in a mobile home, coloring books, tv, and family. While I’d love to to famous museums, I’ve yet to see them in person. What I have been able to do, is share drawing and painting with a global audience from my corner of the world. If in some small way what these artists have taught me has inspired someone else to inspire others, then I’m very grateful.

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