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Missing Sir Lionel – A Children’s Story

Sir Lionel fought lions, tigers, ugly toy ogres, and dragons. He was very brave! Sir Lionel was a little plastic toy knight, the favorite toy of a boy named Oscar. Oscar was a little messy, his dirty clothes weren’t in the hamper, his books on the floor, and his toys all over the house, but he always knew where Sir Lionel was.

One day when he came home Sir Lionel wasn’t in the toy moat fighting the water toy. He wasn’t in the dungeon fighting the stuffed ogres. Sir Lionel wasn’t in the tower fighting the plastic dragon. Oscar came to his Mom and said “Sir Lionel is missing.”

His Mom told him she was sure that he would find it, but that he needed to look for it. He looked under his dirty clothes, he wasn’t there but he did put the clothes in the basket. He looked under his books but Sir Lionel wasn’t there. Oscar thought his books did look better on his bookshelf.

Sir Lionel wasn’t even in the toy box when Oscar put all the toys up. Oscar was sad, but his Mom said it’s time to go to bed. He changed into his pajamas, brushed his teeth, said his prayers, and climbed into bed. Just as he was about to lay down his Mom whispered, “Look under your pillow”.

There under his pillow smiling was Sir Lionel. Mom smiled and kissed his head, and he drifted off to sleep. Oscar wondered how he got there, he didn’t remember putting him under his pillow. He didn’t really understand until he was grown up and had a little girl named Olivia.

Olivia was like her Daddy used to be, messy. Her clothes were on the floor, her books weren’t on the bookshelf, and her toys were everywhere, except for her favorite toy. Olivia had a big bright purple pillow, and a little dolly name Sally. Her Daddy glanced at Sir Lionel in the display case above his desk, and back at the dolly on the couch, and Oscar smiled.

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