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Father’s Day 2023

In the mind of God, He didn’t only choose the Father and Mother for the child, He paired the child with the Father and Mother. Ashley and I were taught, not only to pray for a child, but to pray for the child He wanted us to have. By now most know our journey as we are blessed to be parents of our Nicholas through Adoption. He is the son we were supposed to have, we see it in many ways that we could not have planned for.

I am not a perfect Dad, I make plenty of normal mistakes, but I’m so thankful for a perfect Heavenly Father Who made me a Dad. Only a series of miracles could have placed our little miracle in our hands. Only the mind of God could have coordinated all of our lives together at the right moment.

Today I’m so thankful for my Heavenly Father, my wonderful Dad, all the Fathers who’ve been examples to me, and to be blessed to be a Dad myself. As the Dad of a four year old I can tell you I still have so much to learn, but im so thankful that I have the opportunity to learn. Most of all I’m thankful that I’m not on this Dad journey alone, I have The Perfect Father, and amazing Dads helping me to navigate a boat I would never have been allowed on otherwise.

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