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Uncle Sam

He was a veteran of the American Revolution, a pioneer, and a meat packer. A local brick maker, Office Assesor, and Path Master or Road Commissioner. When the War Of 1812 occurred, the soldiers needed meat, and Uncle Sam Wilson supplied it.

The 87th Congress would later recognize him as the progenitor of Uncle Sam. An artist named J.M. Flagg would create the famous poster we all know so well. It’s only fitting that Uncle Sam and a flag would be so closely associated.

As a symbol he represents to me the ideals, virtues, and strength of our country. It’s a reminder that in a nation where a meat packer inspired one of our national symbols, a boy in a log cabin became our sixteenth president. In 2023 I’m thankful for these symbols of freedom, these encouraging landmarks which remind us anything is possible.

Uncle Sam, our Grand Old Flag, and Lady Liberty’s light sing more than only a song, they share an anthem. A banner that promises all who believe in freedom’s message, that hope is possible. The nation sees challenges, but if we will unite together in freedom as One Nation Under God we are still indivisible.

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