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Art Unboxed World Watercolor Month And Serving Others

This month I’m participating in a fun art challenge, World Watercolor Month. I’m doing so for three reasons. First, it’s great practice if you enjoy watercolor. Second, it’s fun to both see what other watercolorists are doing, and to share my paintings.

Thirdly seeing other’s artwork, and sharing your own, is a good way to add something positive to the world. It’s a way for artists to give something that may bring a smile and not a frown to whoever sees it. As a Christian I believe it’s our duty to share God’s love with the world, and in some small way I hope my art reflects this.

Art itself should in some way benefit those who view it. The gifts and skills an artist have been blessed with were never meant to only benefit themselves. Even those who choose not to share their artwork on social media share with their loved ones the benefits of art. If it makes you better, it reflects in the lives of those you love.

World Watercolor Month is a way of serving more people than my art would serve in my sketchbook alone. I write this to encourage you, whether your talents are art related or in another area, to find a way to serve others with them. We are most truly fulfilled when we think like a servant.

I’ve studied the role of servants, such as the role of a butler. Generations have followed into this line of work, not only as a job but a career. They do their job well, and feel a sense of confidence that their work makes a difference. Whether it’s art, a career, or a life of commitment to others, it makes an impact.

Whatever your hobbies are, whatever your focus, I would encourage you to take a few moments today and find a way to serve someone else. Whether it’s a happy post, a compliment to someone who’s hurting, or listening to someone in need I guarantee it will be a blessing. It’s one of the reasons that I post so many pictures and watercolors. I enjoy it yes, and I enjoy seeing who enjoys seeing them, but most of all I pray it blesses someone who sees them or reads my posts.

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