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I can’t remember for sure whose idea it was, probably Mom and Dad, but I am forever grateful. When I was a young child someone pointed me to read encyclopedias when I was bored. I’m in my forties so this was before we had online encyclopedias which I use today. This sparked a lifelong desire to learn.

Today, we also have access to online videos whether you’re talking about YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, or the next viable platform. Regardless of which, we all can learn so many valuable things. From cooking, painting, to home improvements, I’ve learned so much from these online resources.

The writer Zig Ziglar used to promote learning through audio learning while driving. Audio books are a massive resource no matter the format. The important thing in all of these is the pursuit of learning.

I’ve also been blessed to know people who are brilliant in so many areas. Men and women who are willing to share their knowledge with others. Whether talking about books, ebooks, or relationships all are part of CTL or Continuing To Learn University.

Often we make the mistake that learning is about improving our intelligence, it’s not. Intelligence is defined as the ability to receive or infer information. Everyone is intelligent, learning isn’t about improving your brain. It’s about bettering your knowledge.

It’s not simply the act of knowing more, but knowing more so that you can better an area of your life. Learning facts just to know them may win a trivia contest. Learning the right facts can help both you and others win.

Learning is about value, knowing something that helps you to add value to yourself in others. Regardless of what you are wanting to learn, or how challenging, I would encourage you keep learning something.

We can’t know everything, nor should we, but we can all learn more about something. While I’d love to add a Bachelor’s Degree to my Associate’s, time and finances would not permit that, but I do have time to read, watch, and listen.

In our modern world, the obstacles to learning are much easier to overcome than even five years ago. Each of us has the capacity to learn, and to keep learning. The only thing stopping us from enrolling is our mindset.

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