Acrylic Rebuild

After watchin a program on Cornwall, it inspired this acrylic. It’s called rebuild for two reasons, first, is Illustrated by the rising sun is dispelling the fog. Second, reflecting that, despite the battle, the ruins of the castle still exists, ready for reinovation.

I believe, as a Christian, that no matter how hard your life has been, can be rebuilt. The Lord Jesus invades the fog of our situation, with Light and hope!

TCSC Ep 40 – The Most Wanted Man In China

Well, Monty’s plan appears to have gone out the window.  I suspected the most wanted man in China, to be the head of a criminal empire, or an anti-regime combatant. What I didn’t expect, was a Pastor.  Apparently we had misjudged Michael Wong.

The driver, who was more than a driver filled us in. “Michael sent me to protect him and the two of you.  He won’t leave China, because of his congregation.  He can’t be with them right now, but he’s close enough to act on their behalf.”

“He has a network of underground Churches in China that keep people safe. He started years ago, sort of inheriting your Grandfather’s legacy by filling the void. Which is what Audley wants to know, the threads of the organization.”

“Why?  What could he possibly have that she wants. It’s an organization with no money, and nothing to gain.”  I asked, puzzled by it all.

“The organization now, is primarily a Christian mission, she doesn’t care about that. Her partners want to destroy it. What they want is the network it was built on. Your Grandfather had a noble purpose, but unlike the Pastor you’re about to meet, the Diplomat was not above using leverage.”

“She wants the leverage, the people and families he blackmailed to build the network.  If they can control that, her partners can take over China. It would be a variant of what’s in place now, but more dangerous.”

I could see Monty’s mind was racing, restructuring his plan.  “What does Audley get from them for this? It has to be more than money.”

The driver agreed. “She essentially becomes the Unofficial Queen Of Hong Kong underworld. It would function as her personal empire, granting her a massive fortune, and power.  Since the new government would back her, she’d be unstoppable.”

“At least that’s what they’ve promised. My guess is they’ll kill her after she gets what she wants.  I doubt she has any leverage of her own.”

Monty laughed. “Never underestimate the wicked Stepmother friend. She’s got some bargaining chip, otherwise she wouldn’t have brought her kids here.  My question is, what did she tell them to get them to make the trip?”


In the ESV, the first time the word Welcome is used, is by Jesus. He was specifically talking, in the parable of the sheep and the goats, about making strangers welcome. Jesus wanted everyone to know, when you’ve made them feel welcome, it’s as if you were welcoming Jesus.

He spent His life inviting others. Letting them know, Jesus could take their burdens, their sins, and their problems, and replace them with life, joy, and happiness. He wasn’t promising a life without challenges, but a life that could overcome any challenge, because He would never leave us.

Jesus said you will have tribulation, or trouble, in this world, but I have overcome the world. In other words, I haven’t just beat what you’re facing, I conquered the environment that produced it. He doesn’t only welcome us into a new way of life, but a new Kingdom. 

A Kingdom that was in this world, but not of it. We aren’t isolated from battles, but we are insulated from anything that could destroy us. Which is why we should be so welcoming in our everyday life, reflecting the nature of Jesus.

He wanted everyone to know, that He had what they needed. That He wasn’t asking them to do something for Him to save the world. Jesus was going to sacrifice His life to save man, if no one responded, but if they did, a better Way was available to them.

It’s our duty to be welcoming, loving, and kind, and let Jesus shine through. He’ll lead you when the conversation starts, but people will only have a conversation with someone they want to talk to.  Let’s be welcoming today, just like Jesus!