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    Saturday Serials

    PruittWrites is, for a limited time, reviving our Saturday Serials. These are stories that we run on Saturdays to bring a smile to our readers. The idea was sparked by the movie serials of yesteryear such as Batman and Superman. This week, we will be sharing the first episode of our new Star Wars tale, The Jedi Conspiracy. I always suspected Yoda knew more than he let on, and that Luke would never act the way he did in the last trilogy. This is my fan idea for a little fun to entertain my fellow sci fi readers. In the following weeks you may take a trip to Gotham City,…

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    Book Release – Writing In Real Time – A Guide For Writers With Busy Lives

    I’m excited to announce our new writing guide, Writing In Real Time – A Guide For Writers With Busy Lives. I believe in the power of writing, but I also strongly believe in the ability of writers to change lives. If you are like me, you’ve dreamed of writing a book most of your life, but like all of us you’re busy. What if you had a guide to help you get there just a little faster? This does not mean you can’t get there alone, but why go it alone? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had some simple methods that sped up the process? If you would allow…

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    Art Unboxed – The Ballpoint

    One of the interesting and wonderful opportunities on the internet today, is to learn new tools and techniques. I enjoy, and regularly watch the art unboxing videos where artists receive their subscription box supplies. I love the concept, but as the parent of a toddler I don’t have time in my life right now for it, so this started me to think. What we love as artists about these videos I believe, is not only the unboxing of something new, but it’s possibilities. This is true of both the product, and the techniques used, it’s not only learning the new product, but how to use it. Often the technique shown…

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    Announcement The Beaver Egg Kindle Edition

    Ashley and I are so blessed to be the parents of a precious little boy. God gave Him to us by way of adoption. We want him, and all children, to realize how special Adoption is, we believe it’s another way to spell miracle. Last year, for Adoption Awareness Month in November, I wrote a children’s story to help convey the idea of Adoption, called The Beaver Egg. I’m excited to announce that it’s available on Kindle now. It’s the story of two beavers who wanted to have a child of their own, and the miracle that rolled their way. It was in the form of a baby platypus who…

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    New Art Book

    Today, my newest Art book, Art For Grizzly Bears, is available in Paperback and Kindle eBook @ www.amazon.com/author/pruittwrites. It’s a collection of images that reflect my faith, nature, portraits, and the holidays. It’s based on a Scripture from the book of Job, reflecting the amazing creation that God spoke into existence. What’s incredible is that, in every corner, there is detail that only God could design. I hope you enjoy “Art For Grizzly Bears”.

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    PruittWrites Latest Book- Israel, Through The Eyes Of Jacob And Moses

    I love the history of Israel. God birthed a family, to produce a nation, to give birth to The Savior. Israel’s history began with Abraham and Isaac, yet God used Jacob and Moses to define their future. God has given me what I consider one of the most important books I’ve written, “Israel, Through The Eyes Of Jacob And Moses”, on the events that brought this about. Each chapter focuses on one of the tribes. We explore Israelites from the obscure to the famous. Shaul the son of Simeon, Tola the Judge, Anna the Prophetess, each of these people’s story are part of the greater history of Israel. Places like…