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Ten Years

In another year ending in 9, a girl named Dorothy, and her dog Toto, were trying to find home. A boy named Bruce was trying to find peace. With a gray outfit, and a black thing over where his heart should be, you might say he was a tin man. Lastly, that year was when the first Little League game was played.

In 2009, two people familiar with those above, thanks to their own colorful, and wonderful group of friends, married each other. Along the way, the guy got his girl, and her little dog too. This year, we got our own Little Leaguer, though he’s not yet old enough to hold more than his pacifier.

She’s still the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I remember that day, and all that Pastor, Sis, Brit and Jason did to make it possible. I remember a bare foot Wiseman, a bouquet of daisies, and oh so many things. Thank you all, for making me the happiest man in the world!

I remember a little black puppy, a flight to Arizona, and the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen, to match his Mommy. Happy Anniversary Baby, I Love You, Nicholas, and Patches, more than you know, or could ever imagine!

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Our Baby News

Ashley and I are proud to announce that we are adopting!!! Our little boy, Nicholas Asher, was born on March 27, 2019! We are currently awaiting the completion of paperwork to head home. While, in accordance to the adoption regulations, we ask that no one would share or repost any pictures until the adoption is finalized later this year.

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PruittWrites 2018 Thanksgiving Sides

 PruittWrites loves Thanksgiving. We invite you to check out our Thanksgiving Stories, and Thoughts this year @, ,,

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Just finished a nostalgic, quirky story called The Lady From Landers.  While it has a story all of its own, The Lady From Landers also has several short stories within it. All of which point towards how special Landers is.

Among them, the Wrench Peddler, a story about cardboard, and sculptures made from egg beaters. From a valuable dead watch, to a British Prince from Texas, it’s filled with outlandish, hopefully lovable characters. I can’t wait to share The Lady From Landers with you.

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PruittWrites Limited Art Sale Fundraiser

It is Ashley’s and my goal to donate 2,000 towards new video equipment for our Church. While this isn’t a Church fundraiser, we desire to help Point Of Mercy reach more souls in 2018 than ever before.

In this sale, are my three best, and most important paintings. I would consider The Garden Tomb the greatest painting I’ve ever painted. There are a limited number of paintings, and an artist’s sketchbook. It includes pencil sketches, ink and wash, as well as watercolors.

This sale will only be for a limited period of time, so please act fast. You can either email me @, Facebook messenger me from my PruittWrites Facebook page, or direct message me on Instagram and Twitter.  These are originals, and there are only a handful, so please act fast, and help us make a difference!

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PruittWrites November And December

In the next two months a lot is happening at and on our Amazon page. In November, we’ll be sharing the free Thanksgiving story “A Turkey Flew Over Pittsburgh” as a side dish to your holiday. As well as “Burnt Sweet Potato Pie”.

For Christmas in December, they’re going to be several gifts from us to you. Including “The Christmas Guitar”, “Christmas In Triage “, and “Christmas LEDs”. Along with various Christmas Watercolors and iPaintings.

In conjunction with our Amazon release of our Bible Study, The Native in paperback and eBook, we’ll be sharing excerpts from the book. This is a very special book to us, both the content and the paintings. Each was specifically created for the book, in Watercolor, iPaintings, and Acrylic.

Along with it, every PruittWrites Christmas story from the past four years is available in paperback in PruittWrites Snow Days. There are also eBook versions of L.O.C. And Key, Scarfed, and Captain Christmas. There are also the children’s picture books, Jesus Is Born, and The Christmas Lion.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are so very special to us, we want to share our gifts with you this holiday season. Whether it’s while you’re roasting the turkey, or baking Christmas cookies, we hope you’ll take time to enjoy what PruittWrites.

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For the last few years, eat Saturday PruittWrites has featured a different Saturday serial, and they’ve been popular. From The Sea Horse, to Alaskan  Silver, and Eddington, we’ve had all kinds of stories.  Now, we want to ask you what type of story you want to see next from PruittWrites?

Leave a comment with the hashtags #PruittWrites and #SerialSaturday with the type of story you want to see next. You can either leave it here, or on one of our social media pages, but we want you to decide what PruittWrites next!