The Iron Conference

IRON_CONFERENCE_TAGLINE-2 is so excited to attend The Iron Conference this November 6-7 @ Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee.  If you haven’t registered yet, we recommend that you do as quickly as possible.  You can do this by going to

The line up of Speakers features men and women who have committed their lives to improving others. We have included the bio of one of these incredible speakers, Joyce McCool.  This is just a small preview of what you will experience at the Iron Conference.

Joyce McCool is the wife of Bishop Spencer McCool and former First Lady of Greater Life Ministries, Utica Michigan.  Lady J, as she is affectionately known, was baptized in Jesus’ name at the age of 6 and filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 7.  Even at this tender age, like Samuel, she had sensitivity to the things of God.

 She and Bishop McCool were married as teenagers and in 1965 began their early ministry in the evangelistic work.  Ten years of evangelizing, First Lady of two pastorates, and with hours of prayer, her ministry has developed into a ministry of helps for men and women of all ages.

In her lifetime she has suffered the loss of three children, is a cancer survivor, and had a near death experience in an automobile crash.  Sis. McCool certainly knows what it means to be an overcomer.  Her testimony will encourage you, strengthen you, and help to bring you to higher heights and deeper depths in God.

A New Season


I love the line in the old song, “It’s a new season, it’s a new day… .” It came to mind this morning concerning this post. Yesterday, when The Lord blessed me with the new iPainting, “Autumn”, I didn’t realize it was for this post. We are in a new season at

This month, on Saturdays, we will begin “The Adventures Of The Sea Horse.” Over the last year, we have ran four ongoing serials, and it has been exciting and fun. For now though, we want to focus our full fictional attention to a series that we hope, will be for young and old alike. It will run every Saturday starting October 18.

Last month we began something that is very exciting for us at PruittWrites. The S.T.A.R.T. Workshop gives us an opportunity to give back. To help turn readers into writers. Have you always wanted to write a novel, or start a blog? Let us help. Yes, there are numerous voices out there, but that doesn’t mean that they are saying what God wants you to say.

Our most important posts are, and have always been, our Inspirational posts. That will only intensify over the next few months. Along with our weekly Inspirational posts, we will continue our Bible Study “The Native” through at least the Christmas season.

Going forward, our Saturday Art Posts will become our Sunday Art Posts. Although we will still feature Collage Friday’s on Instagram. We hope that you enjoy all of the changes at PruittWrites. “It’s a new season, it’s a new day… .”

Our New eBook: Coffee Happenstance


It’s out! Our latest eBook, and the first in our new mystery series, Coffee Happenstance. The culinary expert, with the unusual name, is about to find himself in trouble. Joining him for this adventure will be his new bride Rutha, strange names seem to gravitate to the Happenstances family. As well a family of characters in there own right.

Together, they will be between the man who was responsible for running him out of town years earlier, and the mob. How will he and Rutha discover the truth behind the masks that these people are putting up? Hopefully with some humor, a god deal of excitement, and a lot of Coffee.

We hope you enjoy our latest eBook, Coffee Happenstance. It’s on sale at our Amazon page now for $3.99. At PruittWrites, it’s always a pleasure to inspire, entertain, and appreciate our readers. It is our fondest wish, that this book will do all three. So curl up in a good chair, grab some hot coffee, and join the adventure.