PruittWrites Upcoming For Christmas!

Every year I love writing and painting for Christmas.  Along with the artwork, are some special Christmas stories. The first one was Christmas Town, but upcoming are two very interesting ones. 

One is My Son’s Gotham Christmas. It’s my first Batman Christmas story. It shows something a lot of people miss. Batman isn’t One pretending to be Bruce, or vice versa, he’s both. This story is about Batman’s favorite night of the year.

Also, there is Retreading Christmas. A Christmas story that literally begins with a flat tire.  The man is flat too, when he gets started, flat broke, and flat out of hope. I hope you enjoy how he finds his way.

There may be some more, unexpected surprises this Christmas. I hope you watch for them, find them merry, and that they brighten your Christmas season.

Through New Eyes

Matthew 2:9

After listening to the king, they went on their way. And behold, the star that they had seen when it rose went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was.

Stared at, that’s what seen meant here. Can you imagine the thoughts that went through the minds of these men, as they stared at their future? They weren’t only stargazing. Oh they saw the star, but looked beyond the sign, to the reality of Who it pointed too.

Whether you believe they received this prophecy from Daniel, passed down to generations. Or from another source, you can appreciate the knowledge that their lives would never be the same. The source of their Hope meant that they would no longer have to look to the Heavens for God’s thoughts. Now they could listen for The Walking Star who spoke Heaven’s words from earthly lips.  You see, I can’t prove it, but I believe this wasn’t their last trip. 

How could anyone who had met The Master, even as a baby, not return for a second look? Can you pass any baby without looking twice? If you see a smiling child, don’t you look again to smile back?  How much more when you see the eyes of God smiling through a baby’s grin?

Are you tired? Has the year made you weary? Are you dreading the season? If so, I would encourage you to take a second look today, and stare at the star. Don’t just smile, don’t just repeat a phrase about Jesus and the season, stare for a moment. Look, not just at the Infant in the manger, but The God who made the journey, smiling through new eyes. 

Christmas Town


As I set here, outside my window, I see a princess, and a dancing bear. I see a smiling soldier, a snowman, and a laughing Santa Claus. No, this isn’t a Christmas village, at least not most of the year, but it is in December. 

The dancing bear is held by my granddaughter Henrietta, twirling him around. The smiling soldier, is her Daddy, back home from deployment. The snowman was just built by Henrietta and Jack. The laughing Santa is my husband John, who just got home from the shelter, delivering toys.

He didn’t know our son was coming home for Christmas.  I didn’t either. Molly, Jack’s Wife, said he wanted to keep it a surprise. 

Funny thing, it started snowing an hour after his plane touched down, and has been for the last four hours.  The snowman isn’t your standard size, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is they built it together.

Christmas, at its core, is about togetherness, that’s why Jesus made the journey. It’s why Jack flew all night to get home.  It’s why your common, everyday town, can turn into a winter wonderland, and smell of the holidays.

Its the reason that I’m forcing these arthritic fingers, to make tiny Christmas ornaments of a princess, dancing with a magic bear, a smiling soldier hugging Santa Claus, and a winking snowman.  It’s Christmas that turns a retired accountant, into the ornament maker, and our little town, into Christmas town.