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    Acrylic Winter Blue And Red

    This is an acrylic I did yesterday Alla Prima, or at one time. It’s called Winter In Blue And Red, and features Prussian Blue, Cerulean Blue, Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, and Vermillion. The tree and rock were mixed with blue, vermillion, and lemon yellow. I would like to say, this is a painting dedicated to my nephew Preston Linkous. Like me, he is a huge Bob Ross fan. Whether you are or not, I love him, because he made art something that was accessible, and not a high dollar item. Speaking of that, it’s fitting how this painting came to be. As an early Christmas present, my wife Ashley found…

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    Acrylic Pachyderm

    I wanted to share my latest acrylic, Pachyderm. I love both elephants and lions. To me they are symbols of God’s creativity. He not only made them unique, He made them powerful, but at the same time they can be caring, and loving, and warm. We all have the potential to seek to be what He created us to be. We just have to listen to The Creator, to achieve what He is calling us too.

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    Acrylic Mushroom Trail

    These mushrooms are near large trees, and all three are diverse from the other. One is a flowering style mushroom, the other various mushroom shapes. Each is unique, God has made all of us special, and with a specific calling.

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    Acrylic Resting While Rushing

    Like the water in this acrylic, things are rushing by, sometimes in a chaotic fashion. However, like the bear near the log, we can have peace even when events are turbulent around us. God is our peace, not our surroundings, or situation!

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    Acrylic Lincoln Portrait Of America

    The color is phalo blue, it’s the color left over on my finger from signing the painting. I just finished my portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  While it’s not the most important painting I’ve ever done, it is the best acrylic portrait I’ve ever painted, and I believe, it’s a portrait of America. The colors I used were, in addition to phalo blue, were cerulean blue, burnt umber, burnt sienna, deep yellow, lemon yellow, titanium white, permanent black, vermillion, and crimson. The gray in the President’s eyes, they say his eyes were mostly gray, were made up of cerulean blue, lemon yellow, and vermillion. Call it what you will, but I find…

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    Acrylic Ezekiel And The Tile

    Ezekiel 4:1 Thou also, son of man, take thee a tile, and lay it before thee, and pourtray upon it the city, even Jerusalem: I love it, as an artist, that there were Anointed artists in The Word Of God. One of these was the Prophet Ezekiel. Whether he ever drew, before or after this is up for debate, but I personally believe God had given him this talent. Drawing, and painting, has become a part of my Ministry, and it’s something I fell in love with as a child. God equips is with skills, talents, and desires before He ever asks us to use them for The Kingdom. In…