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Acrylic Ezekiel And The Tile

Ezekiel 4:1

Thou also, son of man, take thee a tile, and lay it before thee, and pourtray upon it the city, even Jerusalem:

I love it, as an artist, that there were Anointed artists in The Word Of God. One of these was the Prophet Ezekiel. Whether he ever drew, before or after this is up for debate, but I personally believe God had given him this talent. Drawing, and painting, has become a part of my Ministry, and it’s something I fell in love with as a child.

God equips is with skills, talents, and desires before He ever asks us to use them for The Kingdom. In this case, Ezekiel drew as a witness against, and to Israel and Judah. God was telling them that there would be punishment for sin, but that punishment would only be for a certain period of time.

In the painting you’ll notice, one side is light, and the other is dark. In this case, Israel and Judah, represented by two men, are in darkness. While Ezekiel is facing the sunset. God was calling them from darkness to The Light. He is doing the same today.

Ezekiel is in more regal clothing. He represents more than just himself. Ezekiel represents hope. There will be strugggles, but there will be provision, Light, and victory after the battle!

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Acrylic Rebuild

After watchin a program on Cornwall, it inspired this acrylic. It’s called rebuild for two reasons, first, is Illustrated by the rising sun is dispelling the fog. Second, reflecting that, despite the battle, the ruins of the castle still exists, ready for reinovation.

I believe, as a Christian, that no matter how hard your life has been, can be rebuilt. The Lord Jesus invades the fog of our situation, with Light and hope!

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Acrylic The Garden Tomb

The truth of Sunday’s reveal, invading the darkness of Saturday. That is what this acrylic God blessed me to paint is about. It is my most important painting to date.

The Resurrection has happened. Mary has seen “The Gardener”. John and Simon Peter are about to turn the corner.

Notice, there are twelve roses in total. While artists can be overly dramatic, the number is on purpose. Twelve for the twelve Apostles of The Lamb, and the twelve tribes of Israel.  We hope you enjoy The Garden Tomb as much as did painting it. Also, if you haven’t experienced it, that was my utmost prayer for you.

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Acrylic Jacob Sees The Wagons

The Word says that Jacob revived when he saw the wagons Joseph had sent.  This is my attempt at reflecting it in acrylic.  As you know, I’m passionate about God, writing, and art. My goal is to reflect Him in both my writing and artwork.

It’s the primary way I hope to add value to my readers, reminding them of God’s support, even in dark times.  The sky is purposely darker behind Jacob, than it is before him.  Yet, the cloud, fills both places.

The Lord is with us every hour, and will bring us from the darkest hour, into brightest day.  I wondered painting this, if the same road Joseph’s wagons rode in on, was the road that he was carried on, captive into Egypt?

Either way, Joseph lived, Jacob revived, and the pathway to Moses and the Passover rolled ever closer to arriving.  I hope you enjoy this acrylic, Jacob And The Wagons.