Acrylics:  Serene Island

we hope you enjoy our Sunday Afternoon Art Post “Serene Island”.  If you would like to purchase one of our paintings email us @



Acrylic: Boston Row

We hope you enjoy our latest Acrylic that I made for my wife Ashley, “Boston Row”. This is a picture of it hanging in our living room.


Acrylic: The Trumpet Player

My Wife wanted me to see if I could, duplicate in acrylic, one of our best iPaintings, “Louis“.  While it didn’t turn out as an exact copy, I was really pleased with this version.  We hope you enjoy it as well.  We call it “The Trumpet Player”.

The Trumpet Player


Acrylic Portrait: Carlota

Our newest acrylic was inspired by an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show. The one about Empress Carlotta’s necklace. I obviously still have a lot to learn, but the face turned out better than I expected it would.



We hope you enjoy our latest acrylic. My Wife preferred it as is, so we named her Mystère.