iPainting: Gone Fishing 

 This weekend Ashley and I are out of town, so I thought “Gone Fishing” was an appropriate Sunday Afternoon Art Post this week.  Hope you enjoy!

iPainting: The Bluegrass Trail


  I love digital watercolors.  They’re so delicate, and the hues are so soft.  This is an extra special, unscheduled, extra iPainting that we hope you enjoy. We call it “The Bluegrass Trail”.

iPainting: Amalgam Bear

  Some very special friends are having a baby, and they’re huge science fiction fans.  As a result, I thought this little guy called “Amalgam Bear” would be a nice gift.  He’s the second in a series of Teddy Bears, the first being “Favorite Toy”, my own Teddy from my childhood listed below.  We hope you enjoy them both.