Men Like Amos 

This is the painted version of Amos the Herdsman Prophet.  I was going for a mixture of Greek style sculpture, but at the same time, capturing the ruggedness of a man who God prepared, like David, leading sheep.  

It was not an easy life. There were risks to take, battles to face, and sacrifices.  Any shepherd will tell you, their sheep are worth it.  That is exactly the type of man God loves to call.  

Men who passionately love God, and who have a shepherd’s heart.  I have a Pastor like that, and I’m sure you do to.  I pray we never forget the sacrifices they make, or to show our gratitude for it.  Thank God for men like Amos, and for their willingness to heed the call.


Ariel means “Lion Of God” in Hebrew. An although this, my first sculpture, is somewhat primitive, I thought it the best name for it.  We hope you enjoy it also.


Ariel Sculpture 3Ariel Sculpture 2Ariel Sculpture 1Ariel 1

Working On Something New

We’re working on something new. We’re experimenting with clay for our upcoming Art sale. It’s early yet, tell us what you think. Email us at with the subject Sculpting.